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O.M. Days
Raf Rundell
Heavenly Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
19 março 2021

Raf Rundell has today announced details of the release of his second album. O.M. Days, which will be released on Friday March 19th 2021 on Heavenly Recordings.

Featuring guest appearances from Chas Jankel, Lias Saoudi, Teri Walker, Andy Jenkins and Man & The Echo. Raf last record was 'Stop Lying' a few backs.


Featuring on the cover a striking Keith Haring meets the Green Man image from acclaimed artist and long-time collaborator Ben Edge, the picture was inspired by the folk tale of the giant of Dawson, who is both male & female, human and vegetation and lived in the imagination of Dawson’s Hill, a stretch of South London parkland a stones throw away from Dawson’s Heights, the flats featured on the cover of Raf’s debut Stop Lying.

Edge and Rundell, for reasons they can’t entirely comprehend, concocted a rite which took place the first full moon after this year’s summer solstice (the results of which can be seen in the short film trailer for the album). This involved the giant – also known as Tommy Hill Figure - being created on Dawson’s Hill. “Ben’s been digging deeper and deeper into ancient myths, the green man, all the stuff that’s been co-opted by organised religion,” Rundell explains. All this chimed with him because he is a magnet for signs and symbols. He has been ever since his Mod-loving parents named him after the RAF roundel symbol.

“We’d been talking about this sort of stuff a lot,” Rundell continues. “The rite was about the birth of the new and using the coronavirus as a catalyst for that change, like a full stop to the way things were before. The corona was called the spark in the ceremony, although we’re not being too specific about the virus because this is a thing we hope to do annually.”

This is the backdrop to the album, a record far larger and more confident than its creator could ever have imagined. Unlike his itinerantly created previous records, O.M. Days was entirely recorded in the same Forest Hill studio, with the aforementioned collaborators. “I love collaborating with people – like Lias Saoudi or Andy Jenkins, who are both on this record – that’s where it’s at for me,” Rundell says. “I worked really hard on this one. And although I had no plan about where it was going, I always have a notion about how I want things to sound. I had a particular idea about that.”

Lista de Faixas Digitais

  1. 1 More U Know 4:15 Comprar

    More U Know

  2. 2 Down 2:17 Comprar


  3. 3 Monsterpiece 4:15 Comprar


  4. 4 Ample Change (feat. Lias Saoudi) 7:01 Comprar

    Ample Change (feat. Lias Saoudi)

  5. 5 Always Fly (feat. Terri Walker) 3:07 Comprar

    Always Fly (feat. Terri Walker)

  6. 6 Luxury (feat. Man & The Echo) 4:24 Comprar

    Luxury (feat. Man & The Echo)

  7. 7 Miracle 3:34 Comprar


  8. 8 The Ides Of Albion 3:50 Comprar

    The Ides Of Albion

  9. 9 Turning Tides 4:03 Comprar

    Turning Tides

  10. 10 Butter Gold (feat. Andy Jenkins) 7:52 Comprar

    Butter Gold (feat. Andy Jenkins)

Raf Rundell

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