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Disco Volador
The Orielles
Heavenly Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
28 február 2020

The Orielles released their brand new album 'Disco Volador' via Heavenly Recordings on February 28th, 2020.

The first pressing is translucent orange vinyl edition with a groovy green splodge is now available & standard CD. All vinyl comes with a download card and code. We also have a limited number of signed editions of this first pressing as well as CDs available.

'Disco Volador' sees the 4-piece push their sonic horizon to its outer limits as astral travellers, hitching a ride on the melodic skyway to evade the space-time continuum through a sharp collection of progressive strato-pop symphonies.

Voyaging through cinematic samba, 70s disco, deep funk boogies, danceable grooves and even tripping on 90s acid house, Disco Volador is set to propel The Orielles spinning into a higher zero-gravity orbit. Written and recorded in just 12 months, it captures the warp-speed momentum of their post-Silver Dollar Moment debut album success; an unforgettable summer touring, playing festivals like Green Man and bluedot, Disco Volador’s library catalogue vibes stem from a band lapping up and widening their pool of musical discovery whether nodding to Italian film score maestros Sandro Brugnolini and Piero Umiliani, or the Middle Eastern tones of Khruangbin and Altin Gün.

The album features the bands new single ‘Come Down On Jupiter’ and follows the critically acclaimed debut ‘Silver Dollar Moment.’

Q Magazine - ★★★★ Dork Magazine - ★★★★ DIY Magazine - ★★★★ “Pop gems beamed down to earth from another planet” – Long Live Vinyl

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 Come Down On Jupiter The Orielles 5:11 Vásárlás
  2. 2 Rapid i The Orielles 4:00 Vásárlás
  3. 3 Memoirs Of Miso The Orielles 5:25 Vásárlás
  4. 4 Bobbi's Second World The Orielles 3:22 Vásárlás
  5. 5 Whilst The Flowers Look The Orielles 5:47 Vásárlás
  6. 6 The Square Eyed Pack The Orielles 4:03 Vásárlás
  7. 7 7th Dynamic Goo The Orielles 3:54 Vásárlás
  8. 8 A Material Mistake The Orielles 3:26 Vásárlás
  9. 9 Euro Borealis The Orielles 3:38 Vásárlás
  10. 10 Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme) The Orielles 5:00 Vásárlás

The Orielles

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