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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Heavenly Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
17 november 2017
  • Lemez, 1×LP


    Love Record Stores Eco-Edition

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    “Rancid rainwater eco-wax” (recycled vinyl).

    Recycled board and biodegradable packaging.

    The releases have been carbon offset from the production to the local record stores.

    Megjelent: 20 június 2020
    Készleten, szállítás most.

  • Lemez

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    Megjelent: 9 március 2018
    Készleten, szállítás most.

  • CD

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    Megjelent: 9 március 2018
    Készleten, szállítás most.

Released on the 9th of March 2018.

Available on black heavyweight vinyl in PVC sleeve with download, or CD.

Always masters of the unexpected, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard have surpassed themselves with Polygonwanaland, the 4th of five albums they tried to release in 2017. Polygondwanaland is a journey into the depths of the mind and the limits of the universe. The Australian 7-piece have made a name for themselves with a steady stream of new material since their inception 2010, blending everything surf rock, prog, soul, folk, metal, garage rock, and even elements of spoken word and cinematic presentation, creating a large buzz and rabid fanbase stretching far across the globe from their Melbourne roots. This album is full of the psychedelic rock outfit's jazz and groove laden jams.

Loud & Quiet – 9/10 Northern Transmissions – 8/10

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 Crumbling Castle 10:44 Vásárlás

    Crumbling Castle

  2. 2 Polygondwanaland 3:32 Vásárlás


  3. 3 The Castle In The Air 2:47 Vásárlás

    The Castle In The Air

  4. 4 Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet 3:33 Vásárlás

    Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet

  5. 5 Inner Cell 3:55 Vásárlás

    Inner Cell

  6. 6 Loyalty 3:38 Vásárlás


  7. 7 Horology 2:52 Vásárlás


  8. 8 Tetrachromacy 3:30 Vásárlás


  9. 9 Searching? 3:03 Vásárlás


  10. 10 The Fourth Colour 6:12 Vásárlás

    The Fourth Colour

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

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