Night Beats - Night Beats Perform 'The Sonics Boom'

Night Beats Perform 'The Sonics Boom'

Night Beats

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Night Beats - Night Beats Perform 'The Sonics Boom'

By way of homage to one of their natural musical forbearers, Night Beats have released their Record Store Day album, Night Beats Perform ‘The Sonics Boom’’, an exact track-by-track cover of The Sonics classic 1966 album, Boom.

Available digitally on Heavenly Recordings on Friday May 21st June 2019, it’s no surprise to those that know them, that the Texan band, led by Danny Lee Blackwell, have effortlessly captured the spirit of the garage rock classic from the Pacific Northwest band who have rightly been held up as both musical pioneers and heroes of their generation.

Treading that line between keeping the legacy of this classic album burning bright, while injecting their own brand of earth-quakin' soul-shakin, maximum R&B, Night Beats have successfully drawn a fuzz and feedback coated line between themselves and this era-defining record.

This LP follows their stunning, recently released fourth studio album, Myth Of A Man. Released in January, it was their second for Heavenly Recordings following the release of Who Sold My Generation in 2016 and while Blackwell has always fed off the musical legacy of his Texan roots—Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, The Red Krayola, The Black Angels and more paving the way for the the napalm-coated psych-rock head-trip of past albums—Myth Of A Man saw him pulling from the surrogate wellspring of Nashville, Tennessee.

It was there that he worked with the eminent Dan Auerbach, and a murderer’s row of battle-worn session musicians—the combined weight of experience that comes from working with every legend from Aretha Franklin to Elvis not lost on Blackwell.