Unloved - Unloved Remixes 12"

Unloved Remixes 12"


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Unloved - Unloved Remixes 12"

Unloved have announced details of a number of remixes of tracks from their recent much-acclaimed second album, 'Heartbreak', which was released in February of this year on Heavenly Recordings.

The remix 12" is released on May 3rd. Artwork by Julian House.

A1 Devils Angels (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
A2 Devils Angels (Liminanas Remix)

B1 Love Lost (Nathan Micay’s Pulsating March remix)
B2 Lee (Andy Votel & Jane Weaver remix)


The remix bundle features a Limiñanas remix of Devil’s Angels, an Andy Votel & Jane Weaver one of Lee, Nathan Micay's one of 'Love Lost,' and Andrew Weatherall provides his take of Devil’s Angels.

Talking about their remix of Devil’s Angels, Lio Limiñana of The Limiñanas said:

A few years ago a theme, the theme of a film upset me. It was David Holmes' "69 Police". This music I listened to in the bus that took me to work, then in the tour van and even today I play it in my DJ set. I find the melancholy and darkness that makes it the "Green Onions" of today. Green Onions never left me either, since I was 14 when I was a young mod in a very small town in the south of France. Last summer while I was touring I received some music and a remix proposal from one of my idols. The headphones resting on my ears, I had the impression that psychedelic sirens had seized the studio to reinvent the pop of the sixties, the girl bands of Phil Spector with a strong will to make the whole world dance. It was a huge responsibility and it was an apprenticeship. (In general it's me who asks others to remix what I'm doing). I enjoyed it immensely and it was an honour. I hope you will like it.

Unloved is made up of vocalist and songwriter Jade Vincent, her partner the producer/composer Keefus Ciancia, and the DJ and producer/composer David Holmes.

Praise for 'Heartbreak.'

“An analogue masterwork with sweetness, roughness, noirness and light.”

– Shindig Magazine ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ –

“Heartbreak finds Vincent baring her love-ravaged soul over lustrous noir backdrops, tempered with forlorn Shangri-Las innocence.” – “A cut above and very special.”

– Record Collector ⭐⭐⭐⭐ –

“Heartbreak pulses to an uneasy throb, sometimes grinding its rhythms, moving tectonic plates, at others settling for heavy drone.”

– MOJO ⭐⭐⭐⭐ –