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East Village

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East Village - Circles

Available for the first time ever on 7", 'Circles' was the last single from East Village and arguably their best, with its two chord organ underpinning autumnal guitar lines that build and build - not unlike New Order's Ceremony.

Originally released on Heavenly in 1991 as a 12" and on CD, this is the first time the single appears on 7” format, and is limited to just 300 collectible pressings.

Taken from their debut and only album 'Drop Out', the single is backed with fellow album track ‘Here It Comes’.


East Village were perfectly named, reminiscent of both New York's sixties boho scene and somewhere secluded, somewhere down a b-road in Bucks. Twenty years ago they released their sole album, Drop Out, a nest of chest-high guitars and chiming melancholia. By the time it came out, the four-piece had broken up and moved on. Listening to it now, it feels like an elegy for a particular brand of eighties guitar music, sweet minor chords and Dylanesque lyrics, the kind practised by the Go Betweens, the Weather Prophets, the kind that was caught between stools then and is much missed now.

East Village's output was small but faultless. Four singles, the first as Episode Four, a flexidisc, the posthumous Drop Out, and a compilation of odds and ends called Hotrod Hotel. All of the original records go for silly money; the Episode Four EP will set you back at least £200.

A reunion toured of the far east was recently offered but rejected. This was a place, and a point in time; East Village found somewhere of their own, a neglected spot on the map between the scratchiness of eighties indie and the rise of house.

If you ever passed through it, you wouldn't forget it.


7" Vinyl Single (HVN6)
  1. East Village - Circles
  2. East Village - Here It Comes
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  1. East Village - Circles
  2. East Village - Here It Comes