A Collection Of Words On Water

A Collection Of Words On Water

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Caught By The River - A Collection Of Words On Water £12.00


A Collection Of Words On Water

Caught by the River presents... A Collection of Words on Water

The very first paperback edition of Caught by the River's hugely acclaimed collection of essays on British rivers. Featuring a brand new cover by James Lewis and a new introduction by Charles Rangeley-Wilson.

Contributors include Gavin Pretor-Pinney, Roger Deakin, Jon Savage, Irvine Welsh, Bill Drummond, Edywn Collins, John Niven, Jarvis Cocker and Chris Yates.


"A wonderful word-map of Britain's waterways: funny, surprising, passionate and tender. Irvine Welsh on the Black River, Roger Deakin on fen-skating, and Jarvis Cocker on an inflatable dinghy in the River Porter; winter sunsets, rainbows, glistening silver-side salmon, burnt-out cars, sunken shopping trolleys - this is a brilliant book about how rivers run through our modern lives and modern landscapes." Robert Macfarlane, Spring 2012

"...beautiful in its simplicity: it doesn't have a hectoring truth, worthy plan or manifesto. It is, instead, a mix of reminiscences, travelogues and meditations covering fishing, swimming, observing and ice-skating. But its particular contributors also unify it into an immediate classic." The Independent

"Pitched as an antidote to the 'modern slavery' of Blackberry's, mobiles etc, Jon Savage's memoir of navigating the pre-gentrification Docklands with Derek Jarman is a highlight, while poignant pieces about epic canoe trips, ice-skating through the Fens and innumerable idyllic tributaries constitute an extended billet-doux to the landscapes and idiosyncrasies of the British Isles" Mojo magazine